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Children under 6 are not permitted to use the skatepark.

Spectators 15 or younger must be signed in by a parent or appropriate adult.

Children under 11 must be supervised by a parent or appropriate adult at all times. Parents or guardians of participants are permitted free entry to supervise.

A protective helmet must be worn at all times by all users under 18.


We strongly recommend the use of helmets for all our users. You choose to ride without one at your own risk. Staff reserve the right to insist on helmet use for 18+ to take part. I.D. requested.

We strongly advise the use of additional safety equipment at all times including: knee and elbow pads, footwear, wrist-guards or glove protection as appropriate.

If your skateboard, BMX, skates or scooter is deemed unsafe by staff, you may be refused access.

No folding scooters, V scooters, three wheeled plastic scooters or play equipment, stabilisers or geared bikes will be allowed.

Riding or skating with plaster casts or splints is not permitted.

Abusive, anti-social or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Be nice and respectful to others around you or will be asked to leave the facility.

Any accident/incident is to be reported to a member of staff immediately.

Please do not wax anything. If you feel something needs waxing, please come and ask a member of staff.

For safety and hygiene reasons do not bring food or drink into the ramp areas, Food and drinks must remain in the cafe area. All rubbish to be placed in the bins provided. No litter bugs.

Personal property and belongings are the sole responsibility of the owner.

Vandalism including graffiti will not be tolerated. If you want to paint graffiti please register your interest to a member of staff.

Smoking is not permitted in the skatepark this includes vaping. Alcohol or drugs are not permitted on to the Skatepark premises. If you are deemed intoxicated you will not be permitted entry into the park.

We ask customers to clear the ramp area 5 minutes prior to closing to ensure the park closes promptly on time.

Please conduct yourself in a respectful manner. Playground games like tag/it etc. are not permitted inside the skatepark.

We reserve the right to refuse entry.

CCTV closed circuit television is used throughout the facility. This is to prevent/detect abuse of the facility.

Photography/Video: Kaset Skatepark (and authorised third parties) reserve the right to take photographic and video recordings without prior warning. These may be used by Kaset Skatepark (and authorised third parties) for advertising and publicity purposes only.

By selecting our terms and conditions checkbox, you recognise the inherent dangers associated with skatepark use. The risk of injury from the activities involved in this facility is significant, including the potential for permanent disability or death, and while particular rules, equipment and self-discipline may reduce the risk, the risk of injury does exist.

By selecting our terms and conditions checkbox, you are declaring you are fit suitable to participate, and have declared any existing injuries and/or medical conditions via your online registration form.

By selecting our terms and conditions checkbox you agree to the provision of medical assistance by Kaset staff and or that of outside medical help, should it be necessary. You also therefore accept that Kaset shall not be held liable for any acts, omissions or adverse results of any medical treatment administered.

Please note that from time to time we update our T&Cs, the most up-to-date are displayed on our website. Please familiarise yourself with our T&Cs on each visit.

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